An experimental front-end HTML editor

Edit from the front end

What’s this?

An experimental front-end HTML editor for updating single posts and pages, sans WP backend


  • Install and activate the Editor plugin; no theme changes required
  • Make sure you’re logged into the site as a user with permission to publish posts
  • Press the backtick key (`) to bring up the editor or click the “Edit HTML” button in the admin toolbar
  • Editor window in the way? Drag it vertically, change the height or detach it from the bottom of the screen.
  • Click Save to update page/post content


  • The code editor is Emmet-equipped for tag auto-completion and other goodness
  • Changes are saved as revisions in the WordPress database

Included Libraries

  • Ace (code editor)
  • Emmet (editor shortcuts)
  • Bootstrap (button & input styling)
  • jQuery UI (fer the draggin’ and resizin’, included via WordPress core)

Check out the list of known issues

Photo Credit: zigazou76 via Compfight cc